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Event Details

Sport Launch - Krimgold Park, Woodbine, MD

Anyone who wants to fly at our Sport Launches is welcome. Launches are open to the public, but schedule varies by month. Check the calendar for specific times. A launch controller and pads are provided for low power flights. Six-position launch racks are set up with launch rods of 1/8" and 3/16" diameters. Also available are 10x900 mm micro rails. Mid power flights can be launched from standalone away pads. NARHAMS provides a 1/4" rod, a 72-inch 1010 rail, and a 48-inch 20mm rail. Any NAR certified motor that does not require high power certification to purchase may be flown at Krimgold Park.

Note that the park does not allow canopies or tents to be set up. No PA system is allowed either, so please pay careful attention to the Range Safety Officer during the countdowns. There is no driving on the field either, but it's a much shorter walk from the parking to the launch site than at Old National Pike Park. There are restrooms in the Park. The launch site is located adjacent to soccer fields. When there is a game in progress on the adjacent field, flights will be limited to D impulse, with no clustered or staged flights allowed. The Range Safety Officer may choose to impose other restrictions based on activity on nearby fields.

The Krimgold Park address is is 5355 Woodbine Rd. (MD. Route 94) near Woodbine, MD 21797.

Public Launches - Goddard Visitor Center, Greenbelt, MD

Public launches are held at 1 pm on the first Sunday of every month, weather permitting, at the Goddard Space Flight Center Visitor Center in Greenbelt, MD. Anyone who wants to fly is welcome.

Launch limitations established by NARHAMS and NASA for our scheduled club launches at the Goddard Visitors Center

  • The designated Range Safety Officer (RSO) has absolute and final authority on what may and may not fly on the range.
  • All rockets and flight activity must conform to the National Association of Rocketry Safety Code.
  • Single motor flights only (no staged or clustered models will be allowed).
  • Maximum lift off weight 450 grams (1 pound).
  • Maximum motor impulse 10 newton-seconds (C motor or smaller).
  • Maximum allowed altitude 600 meters (2,000 feet).
  • Rockets must be commercially available (kit or ready-to-fly) substantially constructed to the manufacturer's specifications. (We allow exceptions to this rule for models which meet all other site protocols and have previously flown and proved flight-worthy with a motor equivalent to that being used at the Goddard launch).
  • Rockets carrying parasite gliders will be allowed only for commercially available kits substantially constructed to the manufacturer's specifications, and must have all gliders properly affixed to the model at launch.
  • The following are not permitted in any circumstances: rocket gliders, boost gliders, converted plastic models.
These limitations are subject to change without notice at the discretion of either the NARHAMS Model Rocketry Club or by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as circumstances dictate.

Contact Information
NASA Goddard Visitor Center - 301-286-8981

Address: 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, MD 20771
Take I-495 to Exit 23 (Greenbelt Road - Kenilworth Avenue) to Kenilworth Ave (MD 201) South. Exit at Greenbelt Roat (MD 193) East. Stay on Greenbelt Road for about 3 miles, past the main gate to Goddard on your left and the shopping center on your right. Turn left on ICESat Road. Take the first left into the Goddard Visitor Center.

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Meetings - Virtual

Meetings are held virtually on the first Saturday of each month, starting at 7 pm. Invites to the WebEx meeting are typically sent out a few days before the meeting. Contact Sarah Jackson if you would like to attend.

Holiday Party - Greenbelt Community Church, Greenbelt, MD

NARHAMS holiday party is an annual event, held in place of the December business meeting. It is held in the basement of the Greenbelt Community Church. Since it is a large open space, people often bring their radio-controlled aircraft to fly before dinner begins. The dinner is pot luck, so please bring a dish to share. Once we get a critical mass of people and food, we sit for dinner. Afterward is an auction of various rocketry related (some more so than others) items donated by fellow club members. Tickets are available for $1 each. We also run a separate auction for a more expensive kit or other prize donated by Hobby Works, with those tickets going for $2 each.

Address: 1 Hillside Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770

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East Coast Regional Meet - Old National Pike Park, Mt. Airy, MD

NARHAMS is hosting ECRM-48 at Old National Pike Park in Mt. Airy, MD, June 18-19, 2022.

Contest events are:
1/2A Rocket Glider Duration
1/2A Helicopter Duration
B Egg Lofting Altitude
Sport Scale
Open Spot Landing

Sport Scale entries are now judged online by a committee. Contestants should contact the NAR Contest Board Chair here to request access to a Google Drive to upload scale data and photographs of the model.

In addition to the above contest events, any NRC or FAI US Team Qualification flights can be flown.

There is no fee to enter, but we do expect participants to support the contest by performing range duty. Ribbons and door prizes will be awarded to the top places.

There is no official meet hotel. In the past, we have used Days Inn at 5646 Buckeystown Pike. There are several other options available nearby as well.

There is no official meet hotel. In the past, we have used Days Inn, 5646 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, Maryland.

Contact Information
Jim Filler

Address: 12406 Old National Pike, Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Take I-70 to Exit 62 (MD Route 75 North toward Libertytown, about 8 miles east of Frederick). Turn right at the second light on to Old National Pike (MD Route 144). Park entrance is about 2 miles on the left (there is a large sign on the left). Follow the main road to the back of the park. Launch area is about 300 yards from the parking lot. If the gate is open, you may drive on to the field to unload, but you must still park in the parking lot.